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Welcome to Atlantic Homecare, Inc.

Since 1978

Atlantic Homecare, Inc. has 6 subsidiaries called the Visiting Nurses Services. Atlantic Homecare, Inc. exists primarily for the purpose of providing quality nursing care to the client. Home Health Services are planned with the belief that each client is worthy of respect and understanding. Activities include health promotion, disease and disability prevention, care of the acutely ill and restorative care.

Atlantic Homecare, Inc. functions as an essential member of the health team within a community. Our objective is to meet the individual nursing needs of each client without regard to race, color, national origin, or financial condition. We respect our clients as individuals, ensuring their right to confidentiality. We strive to maintain a high standard of professional practice and integrate patient education into the plan of care. Our goal at Atlantic Homecare, Inc. is to be an essential component of the community's health care resources.

Mission of the Organization

The organization's mission is grounded in the organization's slogan, “We Go Because We Care.” As such, the organization values a caring approach to the delivery of services. Therefore, our mission is to become the leader in homecare services for the communities we serve by delivering quality services to our patients in a safe, caring and professional manner that is efficient and cost effective.

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Atlantic Homecare, Inc.
*Ware Visiting Nurses Service
Phone: 912-283-1262
Florence Visiting Nurses
Phone: 843-667-1515
*Charlton Visiting
Nurses Service

Phone: 912-462-6773
*Atkinson Visiting Nurses
Phone: 912-422-3293
Fax: 912-422-7459
Chesterfield Visiting Nurses
Phone: 843-537-3020
Fax: 843-537-4208
Atlantic Homeaid
Phone: 912-285-9924